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Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Hart Mountain is a massive fault block ridge that rises up to 8,065 feet above sea level and 3,600 feet above the surrounding valley, dropping off abruptly on the western side and more gradually on the east. The steep canyons and rugged cliffs of the western side are favored by Mule Deer and Bighorn Sheep. On the hills and low ridges of the eastern side, bands of Pronghorn (also known as American Antelopes) wander from spring through fall before heading for wintering grounds in Nevada. Bighorn Sheep are often seen along the road entering the 275,000-acre refuge. Pronghorn are typically seen in early morning or late afternoon from this primary road or from Blue Sky Road, which runs south from the headquarters. Pronghorn are the big draw, but other wildlife such as Pygmy Rabbits, jackrabbits, Sage Grouse, Mountain Bluebirds, and Golden Eagles are plentiful.

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