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Camas National Wildlife Refuge

Camas National Wildlife Refuge is a mosaic of ponds and wetlands, with upland areas of sagebrush grasslands interspersed with stands of cottonwoods and agricultural fields. A good mixture of waterfowl, both migrant and breeding species, resides here. During peak migration periods (March to April and October to November), as many as 100,000 ducks and 3,000 geese stop over at this 10,578-acre refuge. Northern Pintails, Gadwalls, Canada Geese, teals, and scaups are a few of the species present. During summer, Mallards, Redheads, Northern Shovelers, and Cinnamon Teals raise their broods. The refuge also hosts a breeding population of rare Trumpeter Swans. Other species to watch for include White-faced Ibises, American Bitterns, Snowy Egrets, and Great Blue Herons. A lucky visitor may come upon a Peregrine Falcon in summer, reintroduced here in 1983. Look for Moose browsing the willows along Camas Creek, which flows for 8 miles through the refuge.

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