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Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge

The grasslands of the Southwest have been heavily altered by more than a century of livestock grazing; at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, managers are trying to recreate the landscape that once existed here. This refuge, a western grasslands habitat-in-restoration, is an excellent birding destination, offering many of the border Arizona specialty birds like Gray Hawk, Buff-collared Nightjar, Thick-billed Kingbird, and Strickland's Woodpecker; the 114,000-acre refuge also provides a reintroduction site for the endangered Masked Bobwhite. Extensive grasslands are home to Pronghorns and many sparrows, including Botteriís, Cassinís, and Rufous-winged. Arivaca Creek and Arivaca Cienega (a group of seven springs) are rare wetlands. Brown Canyon, a rugged Arizona Sycamore-lined cleft in the eastern side of the Baboquivari Mountains that provides access to pine-oak woodlands, offers splendid opportunities for wildflower, butterfly, and bird watching.

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Vermilion Flycatcher


Collared Peccary