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Hawk Ridge, Minnesota

This site has hosted an annual fall hawkwatch for thirty years. Even in relatively bad years, the number of raptors counted here far exceeds all others along the Great Lakes/Central Flyway. Birds migrating south from northern Canada are deflected to the west when they encounter Lake Superior. This brings them past Hawk Ridge as they come around the western tip of the lake. It's the premier place to watch Bald Eagles, as they funnel into wintering areas in the upper Mississippi basin. Bald Eagles are seen regularly throughout the season, with high numbers passing nearly every day from mid-October through November. Virtually every Broad-winged Hawk from northern Canada passes this location during mid-September, usually in two huge pulses. Hawk Ridge is also one of the best places to see such northern specialties as Rough-legged Hawks and Northern Goshawks.

To learn more about this site, visit the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve Web site.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle
Michael H. Francis

Timing Your Visit

The chart below shows the time periods when each species is most abundant. Please remember that the data is based on past records, and the passage of birds can vary greatly from year to year. Click on the name of a species to learn more about its migratory habits.

Northern Harrier                                
Sharp-shinned Hawk                                
Cooper's Hawk                                
Northern Goshawk                                
Broad-winged Hawk                                
Red-tailed Hawk                                
Rough-legged Hawk                                
Golden Eagle                                
Bald Eagle                                
American Kestrel                                
Peregrine Falcon