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Chelan Ridge, Washington

This site, located in the Cascade Range northeast of Seattle, is one of only a few places where hawks using the Pacific Flyway are counted. Chelan Ridge is far enough to the north to get regular visits from Northern Goshawks and Rough-legged Hawks. The site itself is managed as a cooperative effort by the Okanogan National Forest, the Falcon Research Group, and Hawkwatch International.

For more information, visit the Hawkwatch International Web site and click on Migration Research Sites.

Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk
Pat & Tom Leeson/Photo Researchers, Inc.

Timing Your Visit

The chart below shows the time periods when each species is most abundant. Please remember that the data is based on past records, and the passage of birds can vary greatly from year to year. Click on the name of a species to learn more about its migratory habits.

Northern Harrier                                
Sharp-shinned Hawk                                
Cooper's Hawk                                
Northern Goshawk                                
Red-tailed Hawk                                
Rough-legged Hawk                                
Golden Eagle                                
American Kestrel