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About the Invasive
Plant Lists

The state lists generated by the Invasive Plant Finder represent a selection of plants for each state, rather than a comprehensive list of all the plants that might be considered undesirable in the state.

The quality of data available on invasive and noxious plants varies from state to state and source by source. Some states don't publish their own lists, while others have very detailed, ranked lists containing hundreds of species. This means that for some states we were able to find very specific information as to whether a plant is considered highly invasive or only occasionally invasive, while for others it is difficult to piece together an invasive list at all. Some states might consider an entire genus invasive, and list every single species of the genus, whether it occurs in or near the state or not. Different lists also use different terms (noxious, invasive, or simply just "weeds") and ranking systems that also make it difficult to get consistent lists for all states.

From the variety of information available, we have pieced together for each state a selection of plants to be avoided in the garden. Top U.S. Invasive Plants is a subjective list of some of the worst invasive species in the United States, as selected by our naturalists. For further information on invasive plants, consult your local native plant society.

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