Ferruginous Hawk
Buteo regalis

credit: Tomfriedel/CCSA

ADULT Light morph has a rufous back, pale head streaked gray on nape and cheeks, and pale underparts with rufous streaks on flanks and "pants." In flight, from below looks pale with rufous on wing coverts and flanks; from above note rufous back and inner wing coverts and pale tail flushed rufous toward tip. Dark morph is dark brown with rufous on upper inner wing coverts, breast, and vent, and pale gray tail. In flight, from below the dark body and wing coverts contrast with pale wings and tail (wings have gray trailing edge and tips); from above, pale tail and primary bases contrast with otherwise dark plumage. JUVENILE Light morph is similar to adult, but rufous elements of plumage are gray-brown; looks very pale from below in flight. Dark morph is similar to adult, but pale carpal crescent on underwing is more striking.

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