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Seashore Creaturesthreatened and/or endangeredCrabs and Shrimp

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Bay Ghost Shrimp
Callianassa californiensis

read more

Blue Crab
Callinectes sapidus (Cancer sapidus)

Callinectes sapidus (from the Greek calli- = "beautiful", nectes = "swimmer", and Latin sapidus = "s… read more

Atlantic Rock Crab
Cancer irroratus

Cancer irroratus, common name the Atlantic rock crab, or peekytoe crab, is a crab in the genus Cance… read more

Dungeness Crab
Cancer magister

The Dungeness crab, Metacarcinus magister (formerly Cancer magister), is a species of crab that inha… read more

Red Crab
Cancer productus

Cancer productus, one of several species known as the red rock crab, is a crab of the genus Cancer f… read more

Green Crab
Carcinus maenas

Carcinus maenas is a common littoral crab, and an important invasive species, listed among the 100 "… read more

Great Land Crab
Cardisoma guanhumi

Cardisoma guanhumi, also known as the blue land crab, is a species of land crab found in tropical an… read more

Land Hermit Crab
Coenobita clypeatus

The land hermit crab, Coenobita clypeatus, also known as the soldier crab, the West Atlantic crab, t… read more

Pacific Sand Crab
Emerita analoga

Emerita analoga, the Pacific sand crab or Pacific mole crab, is a species of small, sand-burrowing d… read more

Purple Shore Crab
Hemigrapsus nudus

The purple shore crab, Hemigrapsus nudus, is a common crab of the family Varunidae. It can be found … read more

Northern Lobster
Homarus americanus

The American lobster, Homarus americanus, is a species of lobster found on the Atlantic coast of Nor… read more

Common Spider Crab
Libinia emarginata

Libinia emarginata, the portly spider crab, common spider crab or nine-spined spider crab, is a spec… read more

Horned Krill Shrimp
Meganyctiphanes norvegica (villosus)

A species of krill that lives in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is an important component of the zoopl… read more

Stone Crab
Menippe mercenaria

The Florida stone crab, Menippe mercenaria, is a crab found in the western North Atlantic, from Conn… read more

Ghost Crab
Ocypode quadrata

Ocypode quadrata is a species of ghost crab, once described as an "occult, secretive alien from the … read more

Lady Crab
Ovalipes ocellatus

Ovalipes ocellatus is a species of crab from eastern North America, known as the lady crab, calico c… read more

Striped Shore Crab
Pachygrapsus crassipes

Pachygrapsus crassipes, known as the striped shore crab or lined shore crab, is a small crab found o… read more

Long-clawed Hermit Crab
Pagurus longicarpus

Pagurus longicarpus, the long-clawed hermit crab, is a small (up to 1/2 in or 1.27 cm) common subtid… read more

Blue-handed Hermit Crab
Pagurus samuelis

Pagurus samuelis, the blueband hermit crab, is a species of hermit crab from the west coast of North… read more

California Rock Lobster
Panulirus interruptus

The California spiny lobster, Panulirus interruptus, is a species of spiny lobster found in the east… read more

Pink Shrimp
Penaeus duorarum

Pandalus borealis is a species of shrimp found in cold parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Man… read more

Shield-backed Kelp Crab
Pugettia producta

Pugettia productus, known as the northern kelp crab or shield-backed kelp crab, is a species of crab… read more

Common Mantis Shrimp
Squilla empusa

Pseudosquilla ciliata, the common mantis shrimp, is a species of mantis shrimp, known by common name… read more

Banded Coral Shrimp
Stenopus hispidus

Stenopus hispidus is a shrimp-like decapod crustacean belonging to the infraorder Stenopodidea. Comm… read more

Arrow Crab
Stenorhynchus seticornis

Stenorhynchus seticornis, the yellowline arrow crab or simply arrow crab, is a species of marine cra… read more

Sand Fiddler
Uca pugilator

Uca pugilator, the sand fiddler crab is a small fiddler crab found in sandy or muddy intertidal area… read more

1-26 of 26 Seashore Creatures page: 1