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Reptiles and Amphibiansthreatened and/or endangeredFrogs and Toadsthreatened and/or endangeredAll familiesthreatened and/or endangeredWashington Puget Sound - Willamette Valley Area

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Tailed Frog
Ascaphus truei

Visible tail. Olive-green/gray to black. Stripe from eye to snout. Males have pear-shaped tail used … read more

Western Toad
Bufo boreas

White or cream dorsal stripe, and is dusky gray or greenish dorsally with skin glands concentrated w… read more

Pacific Treefrog
Pseudacris regilla (Hyla regilla)

Rough skinned. Green-tan in color with a black strop though eye & cheek. Gray throat on males.… read more

Red-legged Frog
Rana aurora

Reddish-brown/gray. Dark blotches & specks. Dorsolateral folds. Light stripe on jaw. Yellow belly wi… read more

American Bullfrog
Rana catesbeiana

Largest in North America. Green-yellow with dark gray mottling. External eardrum large. Webbed hind … read more

1-5 of 5 Reptiles and Amphibians page: 1



Washington Puget Sound - Willamette Valley Area