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Reptiles and Amphibiansthreatened and/or endangeredPit Vipers

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Agkistrodon contortrix

Copper to orange-pink. Brownish/red crossbands on midline of back. Scales in 23-25 rows. Single anal… read more

Southern Copperhead
Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix

24-52" (61-132 cm). Stout-bodied; pale gray, tan, or pinkish with hourglass-shaped crossbands that n… read more

Agkistrodon piscivorus

Thick, heavy body. Brown, olive to grayish/black. Flat-topped head. Vertical pupils on eyes. Juvenil… read more

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Crotalus adamanteus

Thick, heavy body. Diamond pattern down back with cream/yellow scales surrounding. Side of head has … read more

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Crotalus atrox

Dusty looking gray-brown ground color, but it may also be pinkish brown, brick red, yellowish, pinki… read more

Crotalus cerastes

21 rows of keeled dorsal scales. Cream, buff, yellowish brown, pink or ash gray. Horn-like projectio… read more

Timber Rattlesnake
Crotalus horridus

Tan/brown with dark stripes across back. Orange/brown line down middle of back. Unmarked head. 23-25… read more

Rock Rattlesnake
Crotalus lepidus

Small, slender. Bluish/gray-tan with brownish crossbands across back. Keeled scales in rows of 23. S… read more

Speckled Rattlesnake
Crotalus mitchellii

Tan/grayish-brown with diamond shaped darker blotches. Pitted scale above eye. 23-27 keeled rows of … read more

Black-tailed Rattlesnake
Crotalus molossus

Olive greens, to yellows, to browns, all the way to black. Distinguishing feature is that the tail s… read more

Western Rattlesnake
Crotalus oreganus (Crotalus viridis)

Colors vary with habitat. Blotches down middle of back with light border. Diamond to hexagonal patte… read more

Twin-spotted Rattlesnake
Crotalus pricei

Pattern consists of a gray, bluish gray, brownish gray, or medium to reddish brown ground color, usu… read more

Red Diamond Rattlesnake
Crotalus ruber (Crotalus exsul)

Tan/reddish brown. Diamond shaped pattern down back. Blotches sometimes indistinctly edged. Rings ar… read more

Mojave Rattlesnake
Crotalus scutulatus

Brown to pale green depending on the surroundings. Dark diamond pattern along its back, white bands … read more

Tiger Rattlesnake
Crotalus tigris

Narrow dark stripes forming pattern across back. Gray-pinkish/purple with brownish stripes. Dots for… read more

Prairie Rattlesnake
Crotalus viridis

10-45" (40.6-114 cm). Usually greenish to brownish (some populations pinkish to reddish-brown) abov… read more

New Mexico Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake
Crotalus willardi obscurus

Gray or brownish gray ground color with scattered dark punctations. 25-29 rows of keeled scales.… read more

Sistrurus catenatus

Grey or tan groundcolor with a row of large rounded brown/black blotches or spots down the centre of… read more

Eastern Massasauga
Sistrurus catenatus catenatus

18 1/2-39 1/2" (47.2-100.3 cm). Brownish-gray above with dark brown or black rounded blotches on bac… read more

Pygmy Rattlesnake
Sistrurus miliarius

Long and slender. Tiny rattle. Grayish-purple/reddish, blotched with brown along middle of back. Up … read more

1-20 of 20 Reptiles and Amphibians page: 1