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Reptiles and Amphibiansthreatened and/or endangeredSoftshell Turtles

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Florida Softshell
Apalone ferox

Dark brown to olive green, leathery carapace with a white or cream colored underside, which provides… read more

Smooth Softshell
Apalone mutica

Flat carapace covered by leathery skin. Olive-brown. Small dots and dashes cover carapace. Females h… read more

Midland Smooth Softshell
Apalone mutica mutica

Male, 4 3/8-7" (11.1-17.8 cm); female, 6 5/8-14" (17-35.6 cm). Shell covered with soft leathery skin… read more

Spiny Softshell
Apalone spinifera

Carapace covered by leathery skin. Tan/olive. Light-black bordered eye spots on carapace. Light stri… read more

Western Spiny Softshell
Apalone spinifera hartwegi

read more

1-5 of 5 Reptiles and Amphibians page: 1