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Felis pardalis

A solidly built spotted cat, with a short tail that barely touches the ground. Larger than the Marga… read more

Lynx canadensis (Lynx lynx, Felis lynx)

This northern species has a tail that is all black at the tip. Upperparts are grizzled grayish brown… read more

Lynx rufus (Felis rufus)

North America’s most abundant spotted cat, with a tail tip that is black above and white below. Spot… read more

Panthera onca

The largest cat in the New World, Jaguars are unmistakable, powerfully built, spotted cats. Coat is … read more

Mountain Lion
Puma concolor (Felis concolor)

An unmistakable large cat with uniform color and long black-tipped tail. Monotone pelage varies geog… read more

Florida Panther
Puma concolor coryi

The Florida panther is a subspecies of Puma (or mountain lion, cougar). A large, unspotted cat, it … read more

1-6 of 6 Mammals page: 1