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Mammalsthreatened and/or endangeredJumping Mice

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Woodland Jumping Mouse
Napaeozapus insignis

Redder than the Meadow Jumping Mouse with a white tail tip. Pelage is smooth (not grizzled) and the … read more

Meadow Jumping Mouse
Zapus hudsonius

Yellowish mouse with a bicolored tail that lacks a white tip. Four cheek teeth. Yellow fur is less g… read more

Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse
Zapus hudsonius preblei

Orange-brown to brown back with dark stripe; yellowish sides and whitish belly. Long bicolored tail;… read more

Western Jumping Mouse
Zapus princeps

Pelage grizzled dorsally, with pale yellowish-buff lateral line. Ears have a slight whitish border; … read more

Pacific Jumping Mouse
Zapus trinotatus

Brightly contrasting colors on back with a brownish (not white) border to the ears. Pelage tricolore… read more

1-5 of 5 Mammals page: 1