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Elops saurus

The ladyfish or ten-pounder, Elops saurus, is a tropical species of ray-finned fish. It is slender a… read more

Megalops atlanticus

The Atlantic tarpon, Megalops atlanticus, inhabits coastal waters, estuaries, lagoons, and rivers. T… read more

Atlantic Menhaden
Brevoortia tyrannus

The Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) is a silvery, highly compressed fish in the herring fami… read more

Pacific Herring
Clupea pallasi

The Pacific herring, Clupea pallasii, is a species of the herring family associated with the Pacific… read more

Northern Anchovy
Engraulis mordax

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Atherinopsis californiensis

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California Grunion
Leuresthes tenuis

Grunion are two fish species of the genus Leuresthes: the California grunion, L. tenuis, and the Gul… read more

Atlantic Silverside
Menidia menidia

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Ocean Whitefish
Caulolatilus princeps

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Pomatomus saltatrix

The bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix), called tailor in Australia, is a species of popular marine gamef… read more

Crevalle Jack
Caranx hippos

The crevalle jack, Caranx hippos (also known as the common jack, black-tailed trevally, couvalli jac… read more

Bar Jack
Caranx ruber

The bar jack, Carangoides ruber (also known as the carbonero, red jack, blue-striped cavalla and pas… read more

Selene vomer

The lookdown, Selene vomer, is a game fish of the Carangidae family. The lookdown was first describe… read more

California Yellowtail
Seriola dorsalis (Seriola lalandei)

The yellowtail amberjack or great amberjack, Seriola lalandi, is a large fish found in the Pacific a… read more

Greater Amberjack
Seriola dumerili

The Greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili) is a jack of the genus Seriola. It is found in the Mediterr… read more

Florida Pompano
Trachinotus carolinus

The Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) is a species of marine fish in the Trachinotus (pompano)… read more

Jack Mackerel
Trachurus symmetricus

The Pacific jack mackerel,Trachurus symmetricus (also known as the Californian jack mackerel or simp… read more

Coryphaena hippurus

The Coryphaenidae, also called the dolphinfishes, are a family of marine ray-finned fish belonging t… read more

Jolthead Porgy
Calamus bajonado

The Jolthead porgy, Calamus bajonado is an ocean-going species of fish in the family Sparidae. In Be… read more

Pacific Barracuda
Sphyraena argentea

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Great Barracuda
Sphyraena barracuda

The great barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda) is a species of barracuda. Great barracudas often grow ove… read more

Acanthocybium solanderi

The wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) is a scombrid fish found worldwide in tropical and subtropical se… read more

Little Tunny
Euthynnus alletteratus

The little tunny (Euthynnus alletteratus) is the most common tuna in the Atlantic Ocean. It is found… read more

Skipjack Tuna
Katsuwonus pelamis (Euthynnus pelamis)

The skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis, is a medium-sized perciform fish in the tuna family, Scombrid… read more

Pacific Bonito
Sarda chiliensis

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Atlantic Bonito
Sarda sarda

The Atlantic bonito, Sarda sarda is a large mackerel-like fish of the family Scombridae. It is commo… read more

Chub Mackerel
Scomber japonicus

The chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus, also known as the Pacific mackerel or blue mackerel and someti… read more

Atlantic Mackerel
Scomber scombrus

The Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus), is a pelagic schooling species of mackerel found on both s… read more

Spanish Mackerel
Scomberomorus maculatus

The Atlantic Spanish mackerel, Scomberomorus maculatus, is a migratory species of mackerel that swim… read more

Thunnus alalunga

The albacore, Thunnus alalunga, is a type of tuna in the family Scombridae. This species is also cal… read more

Yellowfin Tuna
Thunnus albacares

The yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) is a species of tuna found in pelagic waters of tropical and … read more

Bluefin Tuna
Thunnus thynnus

The Northern bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) is a species of tuna in the Scombridae family. It is var… read more

Xiphias gladius

Swordfish (Xiphias gladius; from Greek ξίφος: sword, and Latin gladius: swo… read more

Istiophorus platypterus

Sailfish' are two species of fish in the genus Istiophorus, living in warmer sections of all the oce… read more

Blue Marlin
Makaira nigricans

The Atlantic blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) is a species of marlin endemic to the Atlantic Ocean. T… read more

Striped Marlin
Tetrapturus audax

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1-36 of 36 Fishes page: 1