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Atlantic Flyingfish
Cheilopogon melanurus (Cypselurus melanurus)

Like many other flyingfishes, the Atlantic flyingfish has a cylindrical body, and large tail and pec… read more

California Flyingfish
Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus (Cypselurus californicus)

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Atlantic Needlefish
Strongylura marina

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Aulostomus maculatus

Trumpetfish, Aulostomus maculatus, are long bodied fish with upturned mouths, that often swim vertic… read more

Kelp Pipefish
Syngnathus californiensis

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Northern Pipefish
Syngnathus fuscus

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Atlantic Cutlassfish
Trichiurus lepturus

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1-7 of 7 Fishes page: 1