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Pale Swallowtail
Papilio eurymedon

a relatively common swallowtail butterfly found throughout much of the western United States. It is … read more

Western Tiger Swallowtail
Papilio rutulus

The Western Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio rutulus) is a common swallowtail butterfly of western North A… read more

Anise Swallowtail
Papilio zelicaon

A common swallowtail butterfly of western North America. Both the upper and lower sides of its wings… read more

Clodius Parnassian
Parnassius clodius

Parnassius clodius (MÈnÈtries, 1835) is a high altitude butterfly which is found in the U.S. and Can… read more

Phoebus Parnassian
Parnassius phoebus

Parnassius phoebus, known as the Phoebus Apollo or Small Apollo, is a butterfly species of the famil… read more

Sara Orangetip
Anthocharis sara

Sara Orangetip or Pacific Orangetip (Anthocharis sara) is a butterfly which ranges along the Pacific… read more

Orange Sulphur
Colias eurytheme

The Orange Sulphur (Colias eurytheme), also known as the Alfalfa Butterfly and in its larval stage a… read more

Pine White
Neophasia menapia

The Pine White (Neophasia menapia) is a butterfly in the family Pieridae. It is found in western USA… read more

Mustard White
Pieris napi

The Mustard White (Pieris oleracea) is a butterfly in the Pieridae family. Its historical range is i… read more

Cabbage White
Pieris rapae

The Small White (Pieris rapae) is a small- to medium-sized butterfly species of the Yellows-and-Whit… read more

Western White
Pontia occidentalis

The Western Sulphur or Golden Sulphur (Colias occidentalis) is a butterfly in the family Pieridae fo… read more

Arctic Blue
Agriades glandon

read more

Brown Elfin
Callophrys augustinus

The Brown Elfin (Callophrys augustinus) is butterfly of the Lycaenidae family. It is found in from N… read more

Bramble Hairstreak
Callophrys dumetorum

The Coastal Green Hairstreak, Bramble Green Hairstreak, or Bluish Green Hairstreak (Callophrys dumet… read more

Western Pine Elfin
Callophrys eryphon

read more

Hoary Elfin
Callophrys polios

read more

Spring Azure
Celastrina ladon

The Spring Azure (Celastrina ladon) is a butterfly of the Lycaenidae family. It is found in North Am… read more

Dotted Blue
Euphilotes enoptes

read more

Western Tailed-Blue
Everes amyntula

read more

Eastern Tailed-Blue
Everes comyntas

The Eastern Tailed-blue or Eastern Tailed Blue (Cupido comyntas), also known as Everes comyntas, is … read more

Purplish Copper
Lycaena helloides

The Purplish Copper (Lycaena helloides) is a butterfly of the Lycaenidae family. It is found from Gr… read more

Acmon Blue
Plebejus acmon

The Acmon Blue (Plebejus acmon) is a North American butterfly. It ranges mainly in California but ca… read more

Boisduval's Blue
Plebejus icarioides (Icaricia icarioides)

Boisduval's Blue (Aricia icarioides) is a butterfly of the Lycaenidae family found in North America.… read more

Sylvan Hairstreak
Satyrium sylvinus

read more

Gray Hairstreak
Strymon melinus

read more

Pacific Fritillary
Boloria epithore

1 3/8-1 5/8" (35-41 mm). Above, orange with small black dots and bars. Some populations have heavy… read more

Purplish Fritillary
Boloria montinus

1 1/4-1 3/4" (32-44 mm). Dark orange above with heavy, variable black dots and bars. Beneath, simila… read more

Common Wood-Nymph
Cercyonis pegala

2-2 7/8" (52-73 mm). Large. Highly variable. Above, light cocoa-brown to deep chocolate-brown (ve… read more

Northern Checkerspot
Chlosyne palla

1 1/4-1 5/8" (32-41 mm). Above, male orange or brick-red with black lines and patches, female darke… read more

Common Ringlet
Coenonympha tullia

1-1 7/8" (25-48mm). Sexes similar. Very variable, with numerous subspecies across its range. In gene… read more

Danaus plexippus

3 1/2-4" (89-102 mm). Very large, with FW long and drawn out. Above, bright, burnt-orange with bla… read more

Vidler's Alpine
Erebia vidleri

read more

Variable Checkerspot
Euphydryas chalcedona

1 3/8-2" (35-51 mm). FW somewhat drawn out. Above, black with numerous cream-colored dots and red-… read more

Edith's Checkerspot
Euphydryas editha

1 1/8-1 7/8" (28-48 mm). Wings somewhat short and rounded. Above, orange with black and yellowish sp… read more

Mourning Cloak
Nymphalis antiopa

2 7/8-3 3/8" (73-86 mm). Large. Wing margins ragged. Dark with pale margins. Above, rich brownis… read more

Mourning Cloak Caterpillar
Nymphalis antiopa

Caterpillar, to 2" (51 mm), velvety black with white speckles, a row of red spots on back, and sever… read more

California Tortoiseshell
Nymphalis californica

1 7/8-2 3/8" (48-60 mm). Wing margins ragged. Above, rich russet with black blotches on FW, small … read more

Milbert's Tortoiseshell
Nymphalis milberti

1 3/4-2" (44-51 mm). Above and below 2-toned; inner dark and outer light, separated by a sharp bord… read more

Chryxus Arctic
Oeneis chryxus

read more

Field Crescent
Phyciodes campestris

read more

1-40 of 62 species page: 1  | 2



Coastal Oregon Area