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White Peacock
Anartia jatrophae

2-2 3/8" (51-60 mm). FW tip extends slightly, rounded; HW bluntly tailed. Above and below, white, … read more

Small Wood-Nymph
Cercyonis oetus

1 1/2-1 7/8" (38-48 mm). Above, black-brown or dark-brown, usually with 1 or 2 black FW eyespots. … read more

Common Wood-Nymph
Cercyonis pegala

2-2 7/8" (52-73 mm). Large. Highly variable. Above, light cocoa-brown to deep chocolate-brown (ve… read more

Great Basin Wood-Nymph
Cercyonis sthenele

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Common Ringlet
Coenonympha tullia

1-1 7/8" (25-48mm). Sexes similar. Very variable, with numerous subspecies across its range. In gene… read more

Gemmed Satyr
Cyllopsis gemma

1 1/4-1 3/8" (32-35 mm). Wings rounded. Above, soft brown with tiny black eyespots on HW margin. Bel… read more

Canyonland Satyr
Cyllopsis pertepida

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Blue-eyed Sailor
Dynamine dyonis

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Northern Pearly-eye
Enodia anthedon

1 5/8-2" (41-51 mm). Wings slightly scalloped. Above, light brown with zigzag dark brown lines acros… read more

Creole Pearly-eye
Enodia creola

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Southern Pearly-eye
Enodia portlandia

1 3/4-2" (44-51 mm). Wings slightly scalloped. Above, male cocoa-brown to tan, female brighter; so… read more

Red-disked Alpine
Erebia discoidalis

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Common Alpine
Erebia epipsodea

1 3/4-2" (44-51 mm). Wings rounded. Above, dark brown, crossed by reddish-orange patches or bands … read more

Banded Alpine
Erebia fasciata

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Vidler's Alpine
Erebia vidleri

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Red-bordered Satyr
Gyrocheilus patrobas

2 1/4-2 7/8" (57-73 mm). Wings rounded, with HW markedly scalloped and FW less so. Above, dark brown… read more

Gray Cracker
Hamadryas februa

2-2 5/8" (60-67 mm). Mottled calico pattern above, mainly brown or blue-gray with fine dirty white a… read more

Carolina Satyr
Hermeuptychia sosybius

1 1/8-1 5/8" (28-41 mm). Wings rounded. Above, dark brown with eyespots minute or absent. Below, … read more

Common Buckeye
Junonia coenia

2-2 1/2" (51-63 mm). Wings scalloped and rounded except at drawn-out FW tip. Highly variable. Abo… read more

Mangrove Buckeye
Junonia evarete

2-2 1/2" (51-64 mm). Wings scalloped and rounded except at drawn-out FW tip. Very variable. Usually … read more

Little Wood-Satyr
Megisto cymela

1 3/4-1 7/8" (44-48 mm). Wings rounded. Above, dull brown; below, dull brown to tan, crossed by da… read more

Red Satyr
Megisto rubricata

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Ridings' Satyr
Neominois ridingsii

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Georgia Satyr
Neonympha areolata

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Mitchell's Satyr
Neonympha mitchellii

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Mitchell's Satyr, northeastern subspecies
Neonympha mitchellii mitchellii

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Chryxus Arctic
Oeneis chryxus

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Melissa Arctic
Oeneis melissa

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Great Arctic
Oeneis nevadensis

2-2 1/2" (51-63 mm). Large. Above, pale to bright tawny with darker, somewhat scalloped margins. … read more

Polixenes Arctic
Oeneis polixenes

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Uhler's Arctic
Oeneis uhleri

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Pine Satyr
Paramacera allyni

1 3/8-1 3/4" (35-44 mm). Olive-brown above; male has darker sex patches on FW; female has some reddi… read more

Appalachian Brown
Satyrodes appalachia

The Appalachian Brown or Woods Eyed Brown (Satyrodes appalachia) is a species of Satyrinae that is n… read more

Eyed Brown
Satyrodes eurydice

1 5/8-2" (41-51 mm). Wings rounded. Above, warm tan to olive-brown, often but not always with light … read more

1-34 of 34 Butterflies page: 1