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Butterfliesthreatened and/or endangeredBrush-footed Butterflies

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California Sister
Adelpha bredowii

2 7/8-3 3/8" (73-86 mm). Large. Above, dark brown, narrowly banded with white, the band broken int… read more

Band-celled Sister
Adelpha fessonia

The Band-celled Sister or Mexican Sister (Adelpha fessonia) is a species of butterfly of the Nymphal… read more

Gulf Fritillary
Agraulis vanillae

2 1/2-2 7/8" (64-73 mm). FW long, narrow. Brilliant red-orange above with a few black spots, blac… read more

Florida Leafwing
Anaea floridalis

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Banded Peacock
Anartia fatima

The Banded Peacock or Fatima (Anartia fatima) is a brush-footed butterfly found in the southern Unit… read more

White Peacock
Anartia jatrophae

2-2 3/8" (51-60 mm). FW tip extends slightly, rounded; HW bluntly tailed. Above and below, white, … read more

Hackberry Emperor
Asterocampa celtis

1 3/4 - 2 1/4" (41-57mm). Above, eastern race male medium brown to grayish brown, female lighter a… read more

Tawny Emperor
Asterocampa clyton

1 7/8-2 3/8" (48-60 mm). Above, rich tawny orange-brown with darker bars and patches; yellow (not wh… read more

Empress Leilia
Asterocampa leilia

1 3/4-2" (44-51 mm). Above, fawn-brown with dark FW tips spotted with white; several eyespots on HW,… read more

Red Rim
Biblis hyperia

2-2 1/8" (51-54 mm). All black above except for crimson bands around HW, which are bordered outwardl… read more

Astarte Fritillary
Boloria astarte

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Meadow Fritillary
Boloria bellona

1 1/4-1 7/8" (32-48 mm). Tan to brownish-orange above with black dashes and dots; FW tip angled out… read more

Arctic Fritillary
Boloria chariclea

The Arctic Fritillary or Purplish Fritillary (Boloria chariclea) is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae f… read more

Pacific Fritillary
Boloria epithore

1 3/8-1 5/8" (35-41 mm). Above, orange with small black dots and bars. Some populations have heavy… read more

Bog Fritillary
Boloria eunomia

1 1/4-1 1/2" (32-38 mm). Small. Rust-orange above with fine black lines and dots, and darker at base… read more

Frigga Fritillary
Boloria frigga

1 1/4-1 5/8" (32-41 mm). Orange above with black bars and spots; dark scales at base. Below, FW like… read more

Dingy Fritillary
Boloria improba

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Relict Fritillary
Boloria kriemhild

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Purplish Fritillary
Boloria montinus

1 1/4-1 3/4" (32-44 mm). Dark orange above with heavy, variable black dots and bars. Beneath, simila… read more

Mountain Fritillary
Boloria napaea

1 1/8-1 1/2" (28-38 mm). Male orange above with black dots and bars; female dusky-orange. Below both… read more

Polaris Fritillary
Boloria polaris

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Silver-bordered Fritillary
Boloria selene

1 3/8-2" (35-51 mm). Tawny-orange to ocherous above, with black lines and dashes and broken black r… read more

Small Wood-Nymph
Cercyonis oetus

1 1/2-1 7/8" (38-48 mm). Above, black-brown or dark-brown, usually with 1 or 2 black FW eyespots. … read more

Common Wood-Nymph
Cercyonis pegala

2-2 7/8" (52-73 mm). Large. Highly variable. Above, light cocoa-brown to deep chocolate-brown (ve… read more

Great Basin Wood-Nymph
Cercyonis sthenele

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Sagebrush Checkerspot
Chlosyne acastus

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Definite Patch
Chlosyne definita

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Harris' Checkerspot
Chlosyne harrisii

1 1/4-1 3/4" (32-44 mm). Above, blackish-brown with orange bands (mostly orange in Manitoba and part… read more

Hoffmann's Checkerspot
Chlosyne hoffmanni

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Crimson Patch
Chlosyne janais

1 3/4-2" (44-51 mm). Above, FW black with white dots; HW black with large red patch in middle of win… read more

Bordered Patch
Chlosyne lacinia

1 5/8-1 7/8" (35-48 mm). FW black above with white or orange marginal dots, followed by row of white… read more

Silvery Checkerspot
Chlosyne nycteis

1 3/8-1 3/4" (35-48 mm). Above, orange with black margins and wing bases, FW tip black, and row of b… read more

Northern Checkerspot
Chlosyne palla

1 1/4-1 5/8" (32-41 mm). Above, male orange or brick-red with black lines and patches, female darke… read more

Rosita Patch
Chlosyne rosita

1 3/8-1 5/8" (35-41 mm). Above, forewings black with numerous small white spots; hindwings black wit… read more

Common Ringlet
Coenonympha tullia

1-1 7/8" (25-48mm). Sexes similar. Very variable, with numerous subspecies across its range. In gene… read more

Gemmed Satyr
Cyllopsis gemma

1 1/4-1 3/8" (32-35 mm). Wings rounded. Above, soft brown with tiny black eyespots on HW margin. Bel… read more

Canyonland Satyr
Cyllopsis pertepida

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1-40 of 132 Butterflies page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>