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Crystalline Ice Plant
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

A non-native, succulent with sub-divided, reclined stems; which are covered with very small, shiny b… read more

Western Sea Purslane
Sesuvium verrucosum

Gray-green almost silvery perennial herb producing many branching, prostrate or ascending stems up t… read more

Leavenworth's Eryngo
Eryngium leavenworthii

Leavenworth's Eryngo is a prickly, 20-40 in. annual with a leafy stem, broadly branched in the upper… read more

California Dutchman's Pipe
Aristolochia californica

Native perennial woody vine (or less commonly, a shrub). A deciduous vine with purple-striped curvin… read more

Dutchman's Pipe
Aristolochia macrophylla

Native deciduous woody vine. Climbs by twining. Leaf: alternate, cordate, 5-10 inches long. Flower: … read more

Wild Ginger
Asarum canadense

Native herbacious perennial. native to deciduous forest in Roots are shallow-growing, fleshy rhizo… read more

Long-tailed Wild Ginger
Asarum caudatum

Native perennial forb. In spring, it develops distinct hairy cup-shaped, brown-purple to green-yello… read more

Heartleaf Ginger
Hexastylis arifolia var. arifolia

A low, evergreen herb, 3-6 in., the leaves generally triangular in outline. The solitary red-brown … read more

Shuttleworth's Ginger
Hexastylis shuttleworthii var. shuttleworthii

A low, evergreen herb, 3-6 in., with mottled, rounded-cordate leaves; the old leaves persistent. Th… read more

Mojave Brickelbush
Brickellia oblongifolia

Native perennial herb, subshrub, or shrub. Habit: glandular, hairy, clump-forming; many leafy stems… read more

White Mule's-ears
Xanthium strumarium

Rough-stemmed plant with separate greenish male and female flower heads. Habit: native annual herb;… read more

Orange Jewelweed
Impatiens capensis

Tall, leafy plant with succulent translucent stems and pendent golden-orange flowers splotched with … read more

Pale Touch-me-not
Impatiens pallida

A tall leafy plant with succulent, translucent stems bearing nodding, usually pale yellow flowers oc… read more

Northern Inside-out Flower
Vancouveria hexandra

White flowers like shooting stars, in open clusters on smooth stalks supported by leafless stems, an… read more

Green-flower Macromeria
Macromeria viridiflora

A hairy, leafy plant with several stout stems in a clump and pale, hairy, trumpet-shaped flowers in … read more

Japanese Honeysuckle
Lonicera japonica

This highly disruptive, invasive vine has sweet-smelling, white flowers in the axils of the leaves. … read more

Trumpet Honeysuckle
Lonicera sempervirens

This vine is readily recognized by its red, long-tubular flowers and the bracts connate and complete… read more

Ragged Robin
Lychnis flos-cuculi

Numerous flower stems, rose-colored flowers with petals like stag horns, rise from a rosette of low … read more

Seabluff Catchfly
Silene douglasii

A clumped perennial with a stout taproot and numerous stems rising 4-24 in. Leaves are mostly matte… read more

Perennial Glasswort
Sarcocornia pacifica

This succulent wetland plant, which has no apparent leaves, turns deep red in the fall. Habit: nati… read more

Wild Teasel
Dipsacus fullonum (Dipsacus sylvestris)

This coarse, prickly plant produces a grainy, egg-shaped flowerhead on a spiny stem rising from a ba… read more

Euphorbia marginata

Grown as much for its foliage as for its flowers, Snow-on-the-mountain has small but showy leaves th… read more

Apios americana

Climbing vine with maroon or reddish-brown pea-like flowers in compact racemes arising from leaf axi… read more

Scarlet Locoweed
Astragalus coccineus

Long, red pea flowers angle upward in loose heads above tufted, white, woolly, pinnately compound le… read more

Freckled Milk-vetch
Astragalus lentiginosus

Highly variable species, forming dense tufted mats. Habit: native; annual, biennial, or perennial;… read more

Woollypod Milk-vetch
Astragalus purshii

Habit: native perennial herb, finely silver-hairy. Height: 3-6 in (7.5-15 cm) Leaf: alternate, odd… read more

Climbing Butterfly-pea
Centrosema virginianum

Trailing or twining vine with violet flowers, single or in clusters of 2-4 in the axils of compound … read more

Chamaecrista fasciculata (Cassia fasciculata, Cassia chamaecrista)

Partridge-pea is a slender-stemmed annual whose small, yellow-green leaflets fold together when touc… read more

Chamaecrista nictitans

Partridge-pea or Sensitive Pea is a slender-stemmed annual, up to 1 ft. tall, with pinnately compoun… read more

Butterfly Pea
Clitoria mariana

Twining vine, occasionally erect, with large, showy, lavender-pink, pea-like flowers, usually solita… read more

White Milkpea
Galactia elliottii

read more

Beach Pea
Lathyrus japonicus (Lathyrus maritimus)

Trailing vine with a stout, angled or round stem and pink-lavender pea-like flowers in long-stalked … read more

Snub Pea
Lathyrus sulphureus

Several sprawling or clambering, angular stems bearing pinnately compound leaves and yellowish to or… read more

Hill Lotus
Lotus humistratus

A hairy, matted plant with many small yellow pea flowers, each almost hidden in the axil of a pinnat… read more

Lotus scoparius

Many flexible green branches arising from a woody base have flimsy, widely spaced leaves and abundan… read more

Wright's Deer-vetch
Lotus wrightii

A dark green to gray green plant with several stems, erect or prostrate, and deep yellow flowers on … read more

Scarlet Lupine
Lupinus concinnus

This is a 2-6 in., upright to somewhat sprawling, annual lupine. Its reddish-purple flowers, with w… read more

Smooth-leaf Sensitive-brier
Mimosa microphylla (Mimosa quadrivalvis var. angustata, Schrankia uncinata)

This trailing vine or prostrate herb bears fragrant, brushy, pink flower clusters above sensitive, f… read more

Chaparral Pea
Pickeringia montana

A spiny dark green shrub, often forming impenetrable thickets, with bright reddish-lavender "pea flo… read more

Spring Vetch
Vicia sativa

This trailing or climbing vine, a common weed of cropland, bears purple or pink pea flowers, each he… read more

1-40 of 114 Wildflowers page: 1  | 2  | 3