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Amaranthus retroflexus

Monoecious annual, upright herb with a rough, hairy stem, stout, bristly whitish-green flowering spi… read more

Thorny Pigweed
Amaranthus spinosus

Annual herb with clusters of very small greenish-yellow flowers on a strong, bushy, upward-reaching,… read more

American Spikenard
Aralia racemosa

The large, tapered flower clusters of this 2-5 ft. perennial are made up of many tiny white flowers,… read more

Common Ragweed
Ambrosia artemisiifolia

Native herbaceous annual. Habit: many-branched, coarse, bushy; hairy stems, green to red; to 1-3 ft… read more

Great Ragweed
Ambrosia trifida

Native annual; herbaceous or subshrub. Habit: erect and coarse, with rough, hairy stems. Height: … read more

Dusty Miller
Artemisia stelleriana

Herbaceous perennial. Habit: spreading, mat-forming, with 1-3 unbranched erect stems; may be faintl… read more

Artemisia vulgaris

Introduced perennial herb or subshrub; spreads by rhizome or self-seeds; may form large colonies. … read more

Large-flower Brickelbush
Brickellia grandiflora

Native perennial herb or subshrub. Habit: large, bushy, with many leafy stems; parts of plant prod… read more

Conyza canadensis (Erigeron canadensis)

Native herbaceous annual or short-lived perennial. Habit: slender, erect, weedy, coarse; leafy stem… read more

Dog Fennel
Eupatorium capillifolium

Native annual or perennial. Spreads by seed and root to form large colonies. Leaf and flower have un… read more

Lanceleaf Goldenrod
Euthamia graminifolia (Solidago graminifolia)

Native perennial herb; spreads by rhizome, may form large colonies. Habit: erect, sometimes bushy; … read more

Florida Lettuce
Lactuca floridana

Native annual or biennial. Habit: thin and weedy; erect, smooth, leafy stems with milky sap. Heigh… read more

Rough Blazing Star
Liatris aspera

A spike of rounded, rayless, pinkish to lavender (sometimes white) flower heads along stiff erect st… read more

Pink-scale Gayfeather
Liatris elegans

The slender, unbranched stem of this perennial gayfeather grows 3-5 ft. tall. Its narrow, needle-li… read more

Cusp Gayfeather
Liatris mucronata

This perennial's stiff, upright, unbranched stems, 1-3 ft. tall, grow in wide-spreading clumps. The… read more

Dotted Blazing Star
Liatris punctata

Native herbaceous perennial. Taprooted. Habit: erect, with one or several unbranched stems. Height… read more

Prairie Blazing Star
Liatris pycnostachya

Showy, spiky purple flowers. Habit: native perennial herb; with a single erect, hairy, leafy stem, … read more

Large Blazing Star
Liatris scariosa

Native perennial herb. Habit: erect; tall, leafy, smooth or downy stems rise from a basal rosette; … read more

Dense Blazing Star
Liatris spicata

Native herbaceous perennial; clump-forming. Habit: upright, slender, leafy, rigid; single or multip… read more

Scaly Gayfeather
Liatris squarrosa

Scaly Gayfeather or Blazing Star may have one or several stems, each erect, unbranched, and 10-24 in… read more

Fineleaf Blazing Star
Liatris tenuifolia

Native herbaceous perennial. Habit: erect Height: 1.5-5 ft (40-150 cm). Leaf: very thin, 4-12 in … read more

Hard-leaf Goldenrod
Oligoneuron rigidum (Solidago rigida)

Native herbaceous perennial; semi-evergreen. Habit: tall, coarse, with unbranched hairy stem. Hei… read more

Nodding Groundsel
Senecio bigelovii

An erect, leafy stem with nodding, rayless, yellow flower heads on usually bent stalks and arranged … read more

Tall Goldenrod
Solidago altissima (Solidago canadensis var. scabra)

Small yellow flower heads on outward-arching branches forming a pyramidal cluster atop a grayish, do… read more

Solidago bicolor

An elongated spike of short-stalked flower heads with white to yellowish-white rays surrounding a ye… read more

Blue-stemmed Goldenrod
Solidago caesia

Native herbaceous perennial. Habit: up to ten thin arching bluish stems, 1'-3.5' tall. Leaves: na… read more

California Goldenrod
Solidago californica

Native herbaceous perennial. Spreads by rhizome; may form large colonies. Habit: strong and upright… read more

Canada Goldenrod
Solidago canadensis

Native herbaceous perennial from single or multiple stems, 3-7' tall. A simple caudex (enlarged stem… read more

Pine-barren Goldenrod
Solidago fistulosa

Bright yellow flowers held in a triangular array on upright hairy stems. Habit: native perennial he… read more

Zigzag Goldenrod
Solidago flexicaulis

This woodland goldenrod, with erect, somewhat zigzag stems, bears small flower heads on short axilla… read more

Early Goldenrod
Solidago juncea

Native herbaceous perennial. Habit: Solitary or few stemmed, unbranched. Height: 1-4 ft (30-120 c… read more

Gray Goldenrod
Solidago nemoralis

Clumps of slender, gray-downy stems produce terminal, one-sided, yellow plumes that gives the perenn… read more

Sweet Goldenrod
Solidago odora

Native herbaceous perennial. Spreads by rhizome to form clumps. Habit: tall, with up to 5 smooth st… read more

Rough-stemmed Goldenrod
Solidago rugosa

Tall, rough, hairy stem bears divergent, or arching, branches with small, light yellow flower heads … read more

Seaside Goldenrod
Solidago sempervirens

Habit: native perennial herb; very salt-tolerant; 1-20 or more erect, leafy stems rise from an everg… read more

Narrow Goldenrod
Solidago simplex (Solidago spathulata)

Native perennial herb or subshrub; variable. Habit: several smooth erect unbranched stems rise fro… read more

Showy Goldenrod
Solidago speciosa

A stout stem, smooth below and rough above, bearing a dense, pyramidal or club-shaped, terminal clus… read more

Elm-leaf Goldenrod
Solidago ulmifolia

Slender-stemmed plant, 2-4 1/2 ft. tall. Thin, coarsely toothed leaves. Flowers occur on the upper… read more

Woolly Ironweed
Vernonia lindheimeri

Woolly Ironweed is a 10-30 in. high clump of gray-woolly stems and leaves. Flowers lack petals, but… read more

Vanilla Leaf
Achlys triphylla

Common in the deep conifer forests of the West Coast, this plant has frothy white flower spikes abov… read more

1-40 of 331 Wildflowers page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>