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Wildflowersthreatened and/or endangeredCucumber

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Melon Loco
Apodanthera undulata

A malodorous, grayish, hairy plant with long, coarse, prostrate stems bearing tendrils, kidney-shape… read more

Buffalo Gourd
Cucurbita foetidissima

A hairy malodorous plant, smelling of onion, with large, gray-green, triangular leaves growing along… read more

Wild Cucumber
Echinocystis lobata

A climbing vine with an angular stem and small, greenish-white flowers. The flower stalks and 3-fork… read more

Cutleaf Globe Berry
Ibervillea tenuisecta

Shiny, spherical berries, resembling scarlet marbles, hanging on a small climbing vine with tiny, ye… read more

Western Wild Cucumber
Marah oreganus

Habit: native perennial vine; herbaceous stems climbing or creeping; from large woody root (caudex).… read more

Creeping Cucumber
Melothria pendula

Habit: native perennial vine; climbing, with thin herbaceous stems. Height: variable. Leaf: altern… read more

Momordica charantia

This climbing vine is widely cultivated around the world for its fruit. Habit: introduced annual vi… read more

1-7 of 7 Wildflowers page: 1