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Wildflowersthreatened and/or endangeredSpurge

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Chamaesyce albomarginata

Dense, thin mats of small, roundish opposite leaves and slender stems have milky sap, and have many … read more

Tread Softly
Cnidoscolus stimulosus

This plant, covered with stinging hairs, bears fragrant, bright white flowers. Habit: native perenn… read more

Euphorbia antisyphilitica

Candelilla is a tufted perennial usually growing 1-1 1/2 ft. tall but occasionally reaching 3 ft. T… read more

Flowering Spurge
Euphorbia corollata

Minute flowers surrounded by white, round, petal-like bracts attached to rim of a cup, all in a few-… read more

Euphorbia cyathophora (Poinsettia cyathophora)

Habit: native annual or perennial herb; erect, hollow stems; milky sap, poisonous if ingested. Heig… read more

Cypress Spurge
Euphorbia cyparissias

With its abundant needle-like leaves resembling a young conifer, this weed of pastures and cemeterie… read more

Leafy Spurge
Euphorbia esula (Tithymalus uralensis)

This robust perennial weed with showy yellow-green flowers and toxic milky sap forms large monocultu… read more

Wild Poinsettia
Euphorbia heterophylla

Minute flowers lacking petals within a 5-lobed, gland-rimmed cup, all in a cluster atop each leafy s… read more

Euphorbia marginata

Grown as much for its foliage as for its flowers, Snow-on-the-mountain has small but showy leaves th… read more

1-9 of 9 Wildflowers page: 1