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Wildflowersthreatened and/or endangeredMustard

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Garlic Mustard
Alliaria petiolata (Alliaria officinalis)

The crushed leaves and stems of this invasive forest weed have a garlic-like odor when crushed. Ha… read more

Lyre-leaf Rockcress
Arabis lyrata

An erect stem rising from a rosette of basal leaves with a terminal cluster of small, white or green… read more

Garden Yellowrocket
Barbarea vulgaris

This is the only yellow-flowered mustard with completely smooth pinnately lobed leaves and long, cyl… read more

Black Mustard
Brassica nigra

Weedy aromatic plant cultivated for its seeds. Habit: introduced annual herb; spreading stems, some… read more

Field Mustard
Brassica rapa (Brassica campestris)

A widely cultivated crop which is also a widespread weed, with yellow flowers, colonizing large area… read more

American Searocket
Cakile edentula

Low, fleshy, branching beach plant with pale lavender flowers. Habit: native annual, biennial, or p… read more

Coastal Searocket
Cakile lanceolata

Sprawling, much-branched plant forming clumps on the beach. Habit: native, annual or perennial, sub… read more

European Searocket
Cakile maritima

Clumping succulent inhabitant of coastal areas. Habit: introduced annual or short-lived perennial … read more

Shepherd's Purse
Capsella bursa-pastoris

This white-flowered mustard differs from other members of the mustard family by its triangular-shape… read more

Spring Cress
Cardamine bulbosa

Small white flowers in clusters atop smooth, erect, usually unbranched stems. Habit: native annual … read more

Cutleaf Toothwort
Cardamine concatenata (Dentaria laciniata)

Terminal clusters of white or pink flowers on an erect unbranched stem with deeply cleft leaves. Ha… read more

Heartleaf Bittercress
Cardamine cordifolia

This species of bitter-cress differs from all others by its simple leaves that are heart-shaped at t… read more

Cardamine diphylla (Dentaria diphylla)

An upright, 8-16 in. perennial with paired leaves, each dissected so deeply as to appear compound. … read more

Cardaria draba

An aggressive agricultural weed with flat white flower clusters above clasping toothed leaves at top… read more

Hairy Whitetop
Cardaria pubescens (Lepidium appelianum)

Introduced. A weed growing from an extensive system of underground runners; bears clusters of tiny w… read more

Desert Candle
Caulanthus inflatus

A stout, swollen, yellow-green stem resembling a yellow candle, sometimes branched to resemble a can… read more

Descurainia sophia

Introduced. An upright-growing, hairy weed with feathery leaves; branches toward the tops of stems i… read more

Spectacle Pod
Dimorphocarpa wislizeni (Dithyrea wislizeni)

A grayish, hairy plant, either branched or unbranched, with erect, almost vertical, leaves and white… read more

Lanceleaf Draba
Draba breweri var. cana (Draba lanceolata, Draba cana, Draba stylaris)

Small white flowers in open racemes growing from densely velvety, grayish, basal rosettes. Habit: n… read more

Comb Draba
Draba oligosperma

A small, grayish, hairy, densely tufted plant with basal leaves and racemes of small yellow flowers … read more

Spring Draba
Draba verna

A small, inconspicuous plant with minute white flowers on leafless stalks above a tiny basal rosette… read more

Contra Costa Wallflower
Erysimum angustatum (Erysimum capitatum var. angustatum)

An erect, coarse-stemmed, biennial herb in the mustard family. Habit: native perennial herb; multip… read more

Western Wallflower
Erysimum capitatum (Erysimum asperum)

Rough, hairy stems, sparsely branched above or unbranched, support conspicuous bright yellow or oran… read more

Alpine Wallflower
Erysimum capitatum var. purshii

A low plant with several short stems growing from tufts of basal leaves and bearing yellow or yellow… read more

Menzies' Wallflower
Erysimum menziesii

A low, succulent plant with dense clusters of bright yellow flower, this plant is rare and found onl… read more

Dame's Rocket
Hesperis matronalis

Habit: introduced biennial or short-lived perennial herb; multiple upright hairy stems rise from thi… read more

Idahoa scapigera

A tiny plant with a single minute white flower on each stem. Habit: native annual herb; many thin,… read more

Dyer's Woad
Isatis tinctoria

Introduced; invasive. A shrubby, herbaceous plant bearing clusters of bright yellow flowers at the e… read more

Yellow Peppergrass
Lepidium flavum

Several stems, brittle at joints, lying on ground with dense short racemes of yellow flowers turning… read more

Perennial Pepperweed
Lepidium latifolium

Introduced. A dense, leafy, upright-growing plant topped with crowded clusters of small yellowish to… read more

Western Peppergrass
Lepidium montanum

A round plant formed by many slender branches, each branch ending in a short dense raceme of minute … read more

Virginia Pepperweed
Lepidium virginicum

Short, flat, rounded fruits notched at the tip, very tiny white flowers with only 2 stamens, and too… read more

Fendler's Bladderpod
Lesquerella fendleri

Yellow flowers in loose short racemes at stem ends of a low, rather tightly tufted, silvery-gray per… read more

Gordon's Bladderpod
Lesquerella gordonii

Gordon's Bladderpod is a hairy annual with a silvery-gray appearance. Stems, up to 16 in. long, may… read more

Spreading Bladderpod
Lesquerella gracilis

Spreading Bladderpod or Cloth-of-gold is an upright or sprawling, hairy annual, to 20 in. Several s… read more

Lunaria annua

Erect, leafy plant with showy silvery seed pods resembling coins. Habit: introduced annual or bien… read more

Velvety Nerisyrenia
Nerisyrenia camporum

A grayish, hairy plant with clumps of leafy branched stems and racemes of white or lavender flowers … read more

Wallflower Phoenicaulis
Phoenicaulis cheiranthoides

Smooth, unbranched, sometimes prostrate stems rise or spread from tuft of grayish basal leaves and e… read more

Double Bladderpod
Physaria acutifolia (Physaria australis)

A dwarf, silvery plant bearing dense racemes of yellow flowers. Habit: native perennial herb; pros… read more

Austrian Fieldcress
Rorippa austriaca

Introduced. A plant of the mustard family with bright yellow flower clusters at the tops of stems th… read more

1-40 of 49 Wildflowers page: 1  | 2