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Box Elder
Acer negundo

A small, usually fast-growing and fairly short-lived tree. Shoots green, with a whitish to pink or v… read more

Texas Pistache
Pistacia mexicana (Pistacia texana)

Large, airy, rounded shrub or multi-trunked small tree. Foliage glossy, reddish in spring, dark-gre… read more

Aromatic Sumac
Rhus aromatica

Irregular, spreading, deciduous shrub. Twigs velvety. Lower branches turned up. Glossy blue-green… read more

Winged Sumac
Rhus copallinum (Rhus copallina)

Also called Shining Sumac, this plant is native to eastern North America. It is a small deciduous tr… read more

Smooth Sumac
Rhus glabra

Rhus glabra is native to North America, from southern Quebec west to southern British Columbia in Ca… read more

Prairie Sumac
Rhus lanceolata

Deciduous thicket-forming shrub, frequently single-trunked and tree-shaped. May sucker from the base… read more

Littleleaf Sumac
Rhus microphylla

Littleleaf Sumac is a much-branched, deciduous shrub, 4-16 ft. tall, with small, pinnate leaves comp… read more

Staghorn Sumac
Rhus typhina (Rhus hirta)

The Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina, synonym: R. hirta) is a deciduous shrub to small tree in the Anaca… read more

Evergreen Sumac
Rhus virens

Evergreen Sumac is a shrub or small tree, from 8 to 12 ft. in height. Its shiny, evergreen, pinnate… read more

Brazilian Pepper
Schinus terebinthifolius

read more

Poison Sumac
Toxicodendron vernix (Rhus vernix)

Poison sumac (Toxicodendron vernix or Rhus vernix) is a woody shrub or small tree growing to 7 m (20… read more

Devil's Walking-stick
Aralia spinosa

Aralia spinosa is an aromatic spiny deciduous shrub or small tree growing 2–8 m (6–25 ft… read more

Artemisia absinthium

Introduced. A low-growing silvery shrub that is considered a noxious weed in some areas.
Height: … read more

Heavenly Bamboo
Nandina domestica

Introduced. An evergreen shrub grown for its huge flower clusters and bright red fruits.
Height: … read more

American Elderberry
Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis (Sambucus canadensis, Sambucus mexicana)

Sambucus canadensis (American Elderberry) is native to a large area of North America east of the Roc… read more

Red Elderberry
Sambucus racemosa var. racemosa (Sambucus pubens, Sambucus callicarpa, Sambucus microbotrys)

Sambucus racemosa, also called red-berried elder, is native to Europe, temperate Asia, and north and… read more

Prairie Acacia
Acacia angustissima

Prairie wattle or fern acacia is a 1-4 ft., rounded sub-shrub with feathery, deciduous foliage and w… read more

Mescat Wattle
Acacia constricta

A 9-15 ft., multi-trunked tree with small, yellow-orange balls of fragrant flowers and finely segmen… read more

Blackbrush Acacia
Acacia rigidula

Chaparro-prieto or blackbrush grows 5-15 ft. Prolific spikes of pale yellow, fragrant flowers are bo… read more

Albizia julibrissin

Albizia julibrissin is native to southwestern and eastern Asia, from Persia east to China and Korea.… read more

Scotch Broom
Cytisus scoparius

Cytisus scoparius, the Common Broom and Scotch Broom, syn. Sarothamnus scoparius, is a perennial leg… read more

Black Prairie Clover
Dalea frutescens

Black Prairie Clover or Black Dalea is a 1-3 ft., rounded or often spreading, thornless shrub. Deli… read more

Gregg's Prairie Clover
Dalea greggii

Gregg's Prairie Clover or Indigo Bush is a 4-9 in., trailing sub-shrub, spreading 2-4 ft. Grown mos… read more

Texas Kidneywood
Eysenhardtia texana

Texas kidneywood is an unarmed, much-branched shrub, 3-10 ft. tall, with an open, airy structure. I… read more

Common Honey Locust
Gleditsia triacanthos

The Honey locust, Gleditsia triacanthos, is a deciduous tree native to eastern North America. It is … read more

Kentucky Coffeetree
Gymnocladus dioicus

When crowded by other trees, this species grows tall and slender. If more open-grown, it becomes a … read more

Bicolor Lespedeza
Lespedeza bicolor

Introduced. A large, open, flowering shrub from Japan that has become an invasive weed in eastern No… read more

Chinese Bush-clover
Lespedeza cuneata

Introduced. A semi-woody, leafy-stemmed perennial introduced from Asia that invades native habitats … read more

Littleleaf Leucaena
Leucaena retusa

Little-leaf leadtree or goldenball leadtree is a small, multi-trunked tree or large shrub,12-15 ft. … read more

Fragrant Mimosa
Mimosa borealis

The long, slender, intricately-branched stems of this 2-6 ft. deciduous shrub are curving or straigh… read more

Velvet-pod Mimosa
Mimosa dysocarpa

Velvet-pod Mimosa is a deciduous shrub with markedly hairy leaves, twigs and pods. Usually 2 ft. ta… read more

Bristly Locust
Robinia hispida

Robinia hispida, known as the Bristly Locust, Rose acacia, or Rose locust, is a shrub or small tree … read more

Black Locust
Robinia pseudoacacia

Robinia pseudoacacia, commonly known as the Black Locust or False Acacia, is native to the southeast… read more

Texas Sophora
Sophora affinis

Eve's necklacepod, a 15-30 ft., spineless shrub or tree, bears light-green, graceful leaflets and fr… read more

Sophora secundiflora

Mescal bean or mountain laurel is an evergreen, usually multi-trunked shrub ranging from just a few … read more

Sphaerophysa salsula

Introduced. An upright-growing plant bearing red flowers on tall, feathery-looking stems.
Height:… read more

Yellow Buckeye
Aesculus flava (Aesculus octandra)

Yellow Buckeye (Aesculus flava) is a species of buckeye native to the Ohio Valley and Appalachian Mo… read more

Texas Buckeye
Aesculus glabra var. arguta (Aesculus arguta)

White buckeye or Texas buckeye is a small, multi-trunked tree, 10-25 ft., which can reach 50 ft. It… read more

Aesculus hippocastanum

Aesculus hippocastanum is a large deciduous tree, commonly known as Horse-chestnut or Conker tree. I… read more

Bottlebrush Buckeye
Aesculus parviflora

A distinctive small buckeye, bottlebrush is a mound-shaped, thicket-forming, deciduous shrub, 6-12 f… read more

1-40 of 71 Trees page: 1  | 2