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Treesthreatened and/or endangeredBuckthorn

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New Jersey Tea
Ceanothus americanus

Common names include New Jersey tea, Jersey tea ceanothus, variations of red root (red-root; redroot… read more

Jersey Tea
Ceanothus herbaceus

This species grows 2-3 ft. tall and is dense in foliage. Less woody than C. americanus, with narrow… read more

Bigpod Buckbrush
Ceanothus megacarpus

A large, compact semi-evergreen shrub, from 4-16 ft. tall, with reddish or grayish-brown branches. … read more

Texas Colubrina
Colubrina texensis

Texas Colubrina or Hogplum is a thicket-forming, rounded shrub rarely over 3-6 ft. Its smooth, gray… read more

Condalia hookeri

This is a thicket-forming, multi-trunked shrub or tree to 30 ft. New, vibrant, lime-green leaves ap… read more

Glossy Buckthorn
Frangula alnus (Rhamnus frangula)

Also called alder buckthorn, this tall deciduous shrub is native to Europe, northernmost Africa, and… read more

Carolina Buckthorn
Frangula caroliniana (Rhamnus caroliniana)

Carolina buckthorn is an upright shrub or small tree native to the Southeastern United States. There… read more

European Buckthorn
Rhamnus cathartica

Also called Buckthorn, Common Buckthorn or Purging Buckthorn, this shrub is native to Europe, northw… read more

1-8 of 8 Trees page: 1