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American Smoketree
Cotinus obovatus

Upright, small tree or multi-trunked shrub, growing 15-30 ft. tall. Leaves deciduous, alternate, si… read more

Laurel Sumac
Malosma laurina (Rhus laurina)

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Mangifera indica

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Texas Pistache
Pistacia mexicana (Pistacia texana)

Large, airy, rounded shrub or multi-trunked small tree. Foliage glossy, reddish in spring, dark-gre… read more

Aromatic Sumac
Rhus aromatica

Irregular, spreading, deciduous shrub. Twigs velvety. Lower branches turned up. Glossy blue-green… read more

Winged Sumac
Rhus copallinum (Rhus copallina)

Also called Shining Sumac, this plant is native to eastern North America. It is a small deciduous tr… read more

Smooth Sumac
Rhus glabra

Rhus glabra is native to North America, from southern Quebec west to southern British Columbia in Ca… read more

Lemonade Berry
Rhus integrifolia

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Prairie Sumac
Rhus lanceolata

Deciduous thicket-forming shrub, frequently single-trunked and tree-shaped. May sucker from the base… read more

Littleleaf Sumac
Rhus microphylla

Littleleaf Sumac is a much-branched, deciduous shrub, 4-16 ft. tall, with small, pinnate leaves comp… read more

Rhus trilobata (Rhus aromatica var. trilobata)

Rhus trilobata, also called sourberry and three-leaf sumac, is native to the western half of Canada … read more

Staghorn Sumac
Rhus typhina (Rhus hirta)

The Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina, synonym: R. hirta) is a deciduous shrub to small tree in the Anaca… read more

Evergreen Sumac
Rhus virens

Evergreen Sumac is a shrub or small tree, from 8 to 12 ft. in height. Its shiny, evergreen, pinnate… read more

Brazilian Pepper
Schinus terebinthifolius

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Poison Ivy
Toxicodendron radicans (Rhus radicans)

Poison ivy (older synonyms are Rhus toxicodendron and Rhus radicans), is a poisonous North American … read more

Western Poison Ivy
Toxicodendron rydbergii (Toxicodendron radicans var. rydbergii)

Toxicodendron rydbergii (syn. Rhus rydbergii; Western Poison-ivy) is native to most of the United St… read more

Poison Sumac
Toxicodendron vernix (Rhus vernix)

Poison sumac (Toxicodendron vernix or Rhus vernix) is a woody shrub or small tree growing to 7 m (20… read more

1-17 of 17 Trees page: 1