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Birdsthreatened and/or endangeredFalcons

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Crested Caracara
Caracara cheriway

ADULT Has dark crown and red cere (changes color quickly) that contrast with otherwise whitish neck … read more

Falco columbarius

ADULT MALE Has blue-gray upperparts and buffy, streaked, and spotted underparts. In flight, and from… read more

Aplomado Falcon
Falco femoralis

Male has white face and chest, dark breast band, and otherwise rufous underparts; upperparts are dar… read more

Prairie Falcon
Falco mexicanus

ADULT Has sandy brown upperparts, including nape and crown. Head has pale supercilium, cheek, and th… read more

Peregrine Falcon
Falco peregrinus

ADULT Tundra race (ssp. tundrius) has dark blue-gray upperparts and pale, barred underparts. Note th… read more

Falco rusticolus

ADULT PALE MORPH Has mainly white head and underparts; upperparts including upper tail are white wit… read more

American Kestrel
Falco sparverius

ADULT MALE Has dark-spotted rufous back and blue-gray wing coverts; striking head pattern includes b… read more

1-7 of 7 Birds page: 1