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Birdsthreatened and/or endangeredNew World Quail

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California Quail
Callipepla californica

ADULT MALE Has mainly gray-brown upperparts, the nape finely marked with black and white, and a dull… read more

Gambel's Quail
Callipepla gambelii

ADULT MALE Has mainly gray upperparts, with scaly feathering on nape. Head markings comprise chestnu… read more

Scaled Quail
Callipepla squamata

ADULT Has a grayish lilac neck and breast, with dark feather margins that create a scaly appearance.… read more

Northern Bobwhite
Colinus virginianus

ADULT MALE Has white throat and stripe above eye; dark elements of head pattern vary from black to r… read more

Masked Bobwhite
Colinus virginianus ridgwayi

10" (25 cm). A plump ground-dwelling bird, mainly chestnut above and below, with black and white mot… read more

Mountain Quail
Oreortyx pictus

ADULT Has brown upperparts and chestnut belly and flanks, the latter adorned with striking white bar… read more

1-6 of 6 Birds page: 1