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Philadelphia Vireo Vireo philadelphicus


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Philadelphia Vireo
credit:  brian_mcclure0422/CCSA

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Family: Vireonidae, Vireos view all from this family

Description ADULT Has an olive-green back and neck with a grayish crown, white supercilium, and dark eyestripe with a white line below. Underparts, including throat, variably flushed yellow with least amount of color on belly. JUVENILE Similar, but yellow on underparts is more obvious.

Dimensions Length: 6" (15 cm)

Habitat Generally rather scarce summer visitor (mainly May-Sep) to new growth deciduous woodland; often in similar habitats to Red-eyed Vireo although the two species' behavior ensures there is little overlap when feeding and nesting.

Observation Tips Easiest to detect by song.

Range Texas, New England, Southeast, Florida, Southwest, Plains, Western Canada, Eastern Canada, California, Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic

Voice Song comprises a series of short phrases with pauses in between, rather similar to that of Red-eyed Vireo; call is a nasal tchrrr.

Discussion Short-billed, short-tailed, warblerlike vireo. Specifically, appearance overall recalls Tennessee Warbler, from which it is told by its stouter bill, relatively larger head, and stronger plumage patterns. Forages for insects in a more deliberate manner than most warblers. Sexes are similar.