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Verdin Auriparus flaviceps


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credit: Alan D. Wilson/CCSA

© Lang Elliot/ (audio)

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Family: Remizidae, Verdins view all from this family

Description ADULT Has gray-buff back and nape. Wings are mainly gray-buff, but with darker flight feathers and small reddish patch on "shoulder" (often indistinct or partly hidden). Face is mostly yellow, but with dark lores and eye. Underparts are pale gray, and legs and tiny, pointed bill are dark. JUVENILE Plain gray overall, lacking adult's color on face and "shoulders."

Dimensions Length: 4-4 1/2" (10-11 cm)

Habitat Widespread and fairly common resident of desert scrub and open mesquite woodland in Texas.

Observation Tips Its typically solitary nature outside breeding season can make it tricky to find. Persistent searching usually pays off.

Range California, Rocky Mountains, Plains, Texas, Southwest

Voice Has a whistling, trisyllabic song; calls include a sharp tseip.

Discussion Distinctive little desert bird with a rather warblerlike appearance. Forages actively but unobtrusively among foliage for invertebrates, and frequently flicks tail. Sexes are similar, but female is duller than male.