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Roseate Spoonbill Ajaia ajaja


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Roseate Spoonbill
credit: Mwanner/CCSA

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Family: Threskiornithidae, Ibises and Spoonbills view all from this family

Description ADULT Has bald head and dark nape. Rest of body is feathered, mostly white on neck, but flushed pink elsewhere with scarlet bar on wings and spot on breast center. Legs are reddish. JUVENILE Recalls adult, but head is feathered (remains so until second winter), plumage is paler overall, and scarlet elements are absent.

Dimensions Length: 30-32" (76-81 cm); Wngspn: 4' 5" (1.3 m)

Habitat Locally common in coastal wetlands of Texas and south Florida.

Observation Tips Easy to see in Florida's Everglades.

Range Texas, Southwest, Plains, California, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Florida

Voice Mostly silent.

Discussion Unmistakable waterbird with diagnostic horizontally flattened, spoon-shaped bill, swept side-to-side through water when feeding. Sexes are similar.