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Rock Beauty Holacanthus tricolor


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Rock Beauty
credit: Laszlo Ilyes/CCSA

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Family: Pomacanthidae, Angelfishes view all from this family

Description The rock beauty, Holacanthus tricolor, is a species of marine angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae. The adult Rock Beauty angelfish's overall body color can be described as yellow in the facial region of the body with blue towards the tail end of the fish. Its tail, however, will retain the yellow coloration. Their pectoral fins and ventral fins are also yellow but their lips and the edges of their dorsal fins and anal fins are dark blue. An adult Rock Beauthy angelfish can measure up to 10 inches (25 cm).

The Rock Beauty Angelfish feeds primarily on sponges. It may also feed on small amounts of tunicates, jellyfish, and corals, as well as plankton and algae. In home aquariums, aquarists have had limited success in providing the Rock Beauty Angelfish a diet of meaty and algae-based foods. Without some amount of sponge in the diet, however, most Rock Beauty Angelfish perish in captivity.

Dimensions Up to 14" (36 cm).

Habitat Ocean or bay shallows, Estuaries, tidal flats & salt marshes, Tidepools.

Range Southeast, Florida, Texas.