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Pacific Hake Merluccius productus


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Pacific Hake
credit: sanc1717

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Family: Gadidae, Cods view all from this family

Description The North Pacific hake, Pacific hake, or Pacific whiting, Merluccius productus, is a merluccid hake of the genus Merluccius, found in the north east Pacific Ocean from northern Vancouver Island to the northern part of the Gulf of California.

Its length is about 3 ft (90 cm) and they live up to 15 years. Coloration is metallic silver-gray with black speckling and pure silvery white on the belly. North Pacific hake have two dorsal fins and a truncate caudal fin. Their pectoral fin tips usually reach to or beyond the origin of anal fin. The caudal fin is always concave.

Dimensions Up to 3' (91 cm).

Habitat Ocean or bay shallows, Open ocean.

Range California, Northwest, Western Canada, Alaska.