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Chain Pickerel Esox niger


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Chain Pickerel
credit: Ken Hammond

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Family: Esocidae, Pikes view all from this family

Description The chain pickerel, Esox niger (syn. Esox reticulatus), is a species of freshwater fish in the pike family (family Esocidae) of order Esociformes. The chain pickerel as well as the trout pickerel and the grass pickerel belong to the Esox genus of pikes.

Its range is along the eastern coast of North America from southern Canada to Florida, and west to Texas. On the Atlantic Coast, in Maine and New Brunswick, the chain pickerel extend as far as 46 degrees north latitude. The fish inhabits freshwater from the Mississippi Valley into southern Wisconsin. It also is commonly found in Lake Michigan and the lower portion of the Great Lakes.

Dimensions Up to 31" (79 cm); 9 3/8 lbs (4.3 kg).

Habitat Lakes & ponds, Rivers & streams.

Range New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Florida, Eastern Canada.