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Lyside Sulphur Kricogonia lyside


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Lyside Sulphur
credit: Anne Toal/CCSA

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Family: Pieridae, Whites and Sulphurs view all from this family

Description Kricogonia lyside, commonly known as the Lyside Sulphur or Guayacan Sulphur, is a North and South American butterfly in the family Pieridae. In seasons with heavy monsoons, this butterfly is seen in massive migrations which are frequent in Texas but more rare in the southwest. It is also an occasional resident in southern Florida.

The Lyside Sulphur is variable. The upper side of the wings is pale yellow, usually with a black bar on the leading edge of the hind wing and a bright yellow patch near the base of the fore wing. Some individuals also have black borders along the costa and apex of the fore wing. The underside of the wings varies from a greenish color to bright yellow to almost white. Greener individuals have a whitish vein in the center of the hind wing and a bright yellow fore wing basal patch. It has a wingspan of 3.8 to 6 cm (1.5 to 2.4 in).

Dimensions 1 1/2-2" (38-51 mm).

Habitat Meadows & fields, Scrub, shrub & brushlands.

Range Texas, Rocky Mountains, Plains, Southwest, Florida.