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Ceraunus Blue Hemiargus ceraunus


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Ceraunus Blue
credit: Anne Toal/CCSA

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Family: Lycaenidae, Gossamer-wing Butterflies view all from this family

Description The ceraunus blue butterfly, Hemiargus ceraunus is a Neotropical butterfly common in southern portions of the U.S.

The ceraunus blue is found across much of the southern United States through Mexico, Central America and the West Indies to South America; occasionally strays northward.

The ceraunus blue butterflies are small with a wingspan range of 22 to 30 mm. The upper surface of the wings is lavender-blue in males with a narrow black margin and a single black hindwing spot. Females are somewhat darker with blue scaling limited to the wing bases. The undersides of the wings are gray with dark bars, white bands and white-rimmed black spots. The hindwing has a prominent orange-rimmed black marginal spot.

It is common in various open, sunny habitats including roadsides, fallow agricultural land, weedlots, utility corridors, scrubs, open woodlands, yards, and parks.

The larvae are highly variable and range in color from light green to pinkish-red.

Dimensions 3/4-1" (19-25 mm).

Habitat Scrub, shrub & brushlands, Cities, suburbs & towns, Deserts, Grasslands & prairies.

Range Florida, Texas, Southeast, California, Southwest.