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Arctic Fritillary Boloria chariclea


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Arctic Fritillary
credit: Walter Siegmund (talk) /CCSA

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Family: Nymphalidae, Brush-footed Butterflies view all from this family

Description The Arctic Fritillary or Purplish Fritillary (Boloria chariclea) is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. It is found in the northern part of the Palearctic ecozone and the Nearctic ecozone.

Boloria chariclea montinus wing undersideThe length of the forewings is 16–18 mm. The butterfly flies from July to August depending on the location.

The larvae probably feed on Viola species and Willow in North America.

Dimensions 1 1/4-1 3/8" (32-35 mm).

Habitat Alpine & subalpine habitats, Arctic habitats.

Range Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Western Canada, Alaska.