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Orange Agoseris Agoseris aurantiaca


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Orange Agoseris
credit: Walter Siegmund/CCSA

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Alternate name: Orange-flower Goat-chicory, Orange Mountain Dandelion

Family: Asteraceae, Aster view all from this family

Description From a basal cluster of leaves grow several leafless stalks with milky sap, topped by coppery-orange flower heads.
Habit: native perennial herb or subshrub; thickened rootstock; no stem, only hairy flower stalks.
Height: 4-24 in (10-60 cm).
Leaf: lanceolate, egg-shaped, or grasslike, sometimes jaggedly lobed; with hairy midvein and milky sap; 2-14 in (5-35 cm) long, to 1.2 in (30 mm) wide; in basal rosette.
Flower: dandelion-like, single, 3/4-1 in (19-25 mm) wide; burnt orange (rarely yellow, pink, red, or purple), fading to pink or purple; many oblong, toothed rays of varying lengths, layered roughly by length.
Fruit: ribbed dry seed, .2-.35 in (5-9 mm) long; with beak about as long as seed; tipped with numerous white bristles.

Flower June to August.

Habitat Mountainous, wet to dry locations: alpine meadows, wet meadows, wet fields, grasslands, open woods, coniferous forests; middle to upper elevations.

Range Western North America, from Alaska south to California, east to the N.W.Territories, south to New Mexico; South Dakota; and in the Chic-Choc and Otis Mountains of Quebec.

Discussion Also known as: mountain agoseris, mountain dandelion, orange-flowered mountain dandelion, orange-flower false-dandelion . There are two recognized varieties apart from the species. This plant is easily recognized. It is the only orange-flowered Agoseris.