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Mountain Arnica Arnica latifolia


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Mountain Arnica
credit: Walter Siegmund/CCSA

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Alternate name: Daffodil Leopardbane

Family: Asteraceae, Aster view all from this family

Description Native perennial herb, variable in appearance; spreads by rhizome.
Habit: hairy stem(s) rising from small cluster of leaves at base.
Height: 4-24 in (10-60 cm).
Leaf: quilted, wavy or toothed, to 10 (25 cm) long; at the base, broadly oval, pointed, on stalks; above, narrower, clasping, opposite in 2-6 pairs, oval to heart-shaped.
Flower: daisy-like, terminal, to 2 in (5 cm) wide; 8-12 long yellow rays around a yellow disk; may be held singly or in cluster of up to 9 flowerheads.
Fruit: dry brown seed, smooth, 3/16-3/8 in (5-9 mm) long; with tuft of white hairs.

Flower June - July

Habitat Moist sites: montane conifer forests to subalpine meadows.

Range Native to western North America from Alaska to the Northwest Territories, south to California, Utah and New Mexico; 1600-11,000 ft (500-3300 m).

Also known as: broadleaf arnica, daffodil leopardbane.

Comments Because the species is so variable, it is especially important to choose material from nearby sources and habitats that matches your site.

Exposure Preference Sun to partial shade.

Native Distribution Alaska, s. to California & w. Colorado

Site Preference Moist to drier woods, meadows & rocky places

Soil Preference Variable.