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Golden Alexanders Zizia aurea


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Golden Alexanders
credit: Ram-Man/CCSA

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Alternate name: Golden Zizia

Family: Apiaceae, Carrot view all from this family

Description Perennial forb. Habit: upright. Height: 1 – 2 feet. Leaf: lanceolate or ovate, serrated, lobed, up to 3 in long and 2 in wide. Flower: soft yellow umbels, 3 in wide. Fruit: oblong green capsule 1 - 2 inches long. Fall color: light purple leaf and fruit.

Flower May to June.

Flower April - August (in south); May - June (in north)

Habitat Forms small colonies on mesic/hydric soils. Open fields and disturbed areas. Full to partial sun.

Range Eastern U.S. west to Texas and Montana.

Discussion Native. This plant is a larval host for the black swallowtail butterfly. The flowers are attractive to many kinds of butterflies and many other insects. It is an excellent source of accessible pollen and nectar to many beneficial insects with short mouthparts.

Exposure Preference Sun to partial sun.

Native Distribution Quebec to Saskatchewan & Flathead County, Montana, s. to New England, Florida & Texas

Site Preference Moist prairies; thickets; open woods

Soil Preference Moist, sandy or sandy-clay soils.