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credit: Dcrjsr/CCSA

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Alternate name: Swamp Whiteheads

Family: Apiaceae, Carrot view all from this family

Description Native herbaceous perennial.
Habit: erect; stems green to white, roughly hairy; tuberous root.
Height: 3-6 ft.
Leaf: divided into several segments which bear widely-spaced leaflets. The leaflets may be intricately divided into small segments.
Flower: loose umbel, to 4 in wide, of tiny white to purple spherical flowers, on stalks up to 2.5 in long.
Fruit: triangular.

Flower July to August.

Habitat Moist habitats such as creeksides and meadows, in yellow pine forest and subalpine forest; in the Sierra Nevada, San Jacinto, and San Bernadino mountains.

Range Western North America from Idaho through Nevada and California into Baja California; at 3000-10,000 ft (915-3050 m).

Discussion Also known as: woollyhead parsnip, swamp whiteheads.