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Dutchman's Pipe Aristolochia macrophylla


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Dutchman's Pipe
credit: Stan Shebs/CCSA

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Alternate name: Pipevine

Family: Aristolochiaceae, Birthwort view all from this family

Description Native deciduous woody vine. Climbs by twining. Leaf: alternate, cordate, 5-10 inches long. Flower: a long tube, noticeably curved, ending in a brightly colored lobe, reddish- or purple-brown. Fruit: large oval or cylindrical capsule, to 3"x4".

Flower Late spring to summer.

Habitat Forests, often on dissected uplands and rugged, rocky slopes.

Range Native to the forests of the Cumberland and Blue Ridge mountains; now naturalized throughout eastern North America from Maine west to Ontario, south to Georgia and Alabama. (Not reported in Vermont, Rhode Island, or Delaware.).

Discussion The leaves of Aristolochia macrophylla are eaten by larvae of the eastern pipevine swallowtail butterfly. Also known as: pipevine.