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Large-flower Brickelbush Brickellia grandiflora


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Large-flower Brickelbush
credit: Stan Shebs/CCSA

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Alternate name: Tassel-flower Brickellbush

Family: Asteraceae, Aster view all from this family

Description Native perennial herb or subshrub.
Habit: large, bushy, with many leafy stems; parts of plant produce sticky resin.
Height: 4-60 in (30-150 cm).
Leaf: lime green above, pale gray-purple on bottom; coarsely toothed, triangular, oval, or heart-shaped; 1/2-5 in (15-120 mm) long, 3/4-3 in (20-70 mm) wide.
Flower: bell-shaped, creamy-yellow, rayless flowerhead, 1/2 in (12 mm) long; in small nodding cluster at top of stem.
Fruit: dry cylindrical seed, 3/16 in (4 mm) long, toppped with short bristles.

Flower July to October.

Habitat Dry sites: rocky hillsides, shaded forests, dry slopes, canyons, banks, cliffs, roadsides; usually in forests; 4000-10,000 ft (1200-3000 m).

Range Eastern Washington south to Baja California and east to western Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Discussion Also known as: tasselflower brickellbush, prodigiosa. This large and complex genus consists mostly of shrubs. Some were used medicinally by Native Americans. Large-flower Brickelbush is thought to lower blood sugar, improve digestion, and combat gallstones.