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Atlantic Rock Crab Cancer irroratus


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Atlantic Rock Crab
credit: Janet MacCausland

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Description Cancer irroratus, common name the Atlantic rock crab, or peekytoe crab, is a crab in the genus Cancer. Other local names are Maine crab, bay crab, sand crab and mud crab. It has nine marginal teeth on the front edge of the carapace beside each eye.

These crabs are similar in color to, and overlap in size with, the Jonah crab. They can be distinguished from that species because they have larger marginal teeth. They also have a wider range, and are more common in some locations. Both species are edible, but because the Jonah crab can reach a much larger size and has a much larger claw size, the Jonah crab is more intensely fished.

Habitat Rocks, Ocean or bay shallows.

Range New England, Mid-Atlantic, Eastern Canada.