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Cat-eyed Snake Leptodeira septentrionalis


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Cat-eyed Snake, Northern subspecies
credit: Steven G. Johnson

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Family: Colubridae, Colubrid Snakes view all from this family

Description Wider head than neck. Yellowish/tan with diamond shaped dark botches down back. Smooth scales in rows of 21-23. Divided anal plate. Vertical pupil.

Dimensions 20.3-98.4cm. (18-38 3/4")

Subspecies Northern.

Breeding 6-12 eggs laid March-May. Incubated for 3 months. 23cm (9") long when hatched.

Habitat Arid areas to rainforest terrain. Semidesert in Texas.

Range Texas to Mexico & South America.

Discussion Nocturnal. Back of upper jaw has grooved fangs. Injects venom which immobilises small frogs and lizards. Longest living was over 10 years.