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Milk Snake Lampropeltis triangulum


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Milk Snake, Scarlet Kingsnake subspecies
credit: BillC

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Family: Colubridae, Colubrid Snakes view all from this family

Description Tan/gray with brown patch on neck shaped like a V. Blotches on sides and back, reddish brown. 19-23 rows of smooth scales. Single anal plate. Rings wider on belly.

Dimensions 35.6-199cm. (14-78 1/4")

Subspecies Many recognized subspecies including the Eastern, Louisiana, Mexican, New Mexico, Central Plains, Red, Utah and Pale.

Breeding Breeds in Spring. 2-17 eggs laid June/July under rotting logs. Incubated for 6-9 weeks, hatch August-September. 12-28cm (5 1/2-11") long when hatched.

Habitat Coastal bottomland to semiarid areas, woodland, meadows, hillsides, prairies, high plains, farmlands, suburbs, sand dunes.

Range Maine to Quebec, Ontario, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Rocky Mountains, Mexico.

Discussion Often mistaken for the dangerous and deadly Coral snake, but it is not venomous. This easy memnonic helps distinguish. "Red on yellow, deadly fellow; Red on black, venom lack." Rodents, birds and snakes form main diet. Shorter in southern regions, length and size varies according to range and country. Originates from South America.