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Rosy Boa Lichanura trivirgata (Charina trivirgata)


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Rosy Boa, Desert subspecies
credit: Athene Cunicula

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Family: Boidae, Boas view all from this family

Description Name derived from it's salmon colored belly. Greay/tan-brown/rosy on body, with 3 stripes. Short & blunt head/ tail. 35-45 rows of smooth scales. Single anal plate.

Dimensions 61-106.7cm. (24-42")

Subspecies Mexican Rosy Boa - Dark brown stripes/speckles on belly. Arizona & Mexico.
Desert Rosy Boa - Reddish-brown stripes/pinkish brown flecks on belly. California through Arizona.
Coastal Rosy Boa - Reddish-pink/brown stripes. California to Baja California.

Breeding May-June. Young born October/November. 6-10 at a time.

Habitat Desert scrub, brushland and chaparral covered foothills. Near streams and canyon floors.

Range Extreme s. California, Baja California and Arizona.

Discussion Goes into brumation in the winter. Nocturnal. terrestrial. Extremely docile, will not attack humans. Very slow moving, will not pursue prey. Will stalk or wait for prey to be in reach before attaching, normally from a few inches away. When discovered by humans normally coils itself into a ball with head in the middle.