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Reef Gecko Sphaerodactylus notatus


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Reef Gecko
credit: Jake M. Scott/CCSA

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Family: Gekkonidae, Geckos view all from this family

Description Smallest lizard in North America. pointed snout. Brown/tan, dark speckles & flecks. Pale orange belly. 3 stripes on head. 2 white-eyelike spots on neck. Scales on back large.

Dimensions 4.4-6.3cm. (1 3/4-2 1/2")

Subspecies Forida Reef Gecko.

Breeding March-December. Singularly laid eggs hidden under rotting logs or leafy debris. Pass through female vents due to flexible egg shell. Shell hardens when exposed to air.

Habitat Leafy debris on ornamental gardens, coconut groves and floors of hammocks.

Range Coastal ridge of mainland Florida to Florida keys.

Discussion Nocturnal. Very secretive, remains hidden so seems very uncommon. Often hides under leaf litter, if disturbed will run to other shelter quickly.