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Western Banded Gecko Coleonyx variegatus


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Western Banded Gecko
credit: Eugene van der Pijil

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Family: Gekkonidae, Geckos view all from this family

Description Sandy coloured with dark bands broken into patches. The tiny scales give its skin a silky texture. Unlike typical geckos, it has prominent eyes with movable lids.

Dimensions 11.4-15cm. (4 1/2-6")

Subspecies Desert - California, Nevada, Arizona & along Gulf.
San Diego - California pacific slopes to half of Baja peninsula.
Utah - Utah. Also Nevada & Arizona.
Tuscon - Arizona. Also sw. New Mexico

Voice Chirping.

Breeding May-September. 2-3 clutches, 1-2 eggs per clutch. Hatch after 45 days.

Habitat Semi-arid areas, canyons, sand dunes, deserts.

Range California, sw. New Mexico, s. Arizona, Utah, Nevada and northern Mexico (Sonora, nw. Baja California)

Discussion Zecretive and nocturnal. Forages at night for small insects and spiders, and is one of the few reptiles that control scorpion populations by eating baby scorpions. If captured, they squeak and may discard their tail. As a defense mechanism, they can also curl their tails over their bodies to mimic a scorpion. Hides under rocks and logs to escape midday heat.