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Reticulate Collared Lizard Crotaphytus reticulatus


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Family: Crotaphytidae, Collared and Leopard Lizards view all from this family

Description Tan to brown lizard with reticulations covering most of its dorsum, limbs, and tail. Some of these reticulations are filled with black pigmentation. Color of males and females vary only during breeding season.Males have black markings that form collar.

Dimensions 20-42.5cm. (8-16 3/4")

Breeding Breeds April-May. lays 8-11 eggs, midsummer. Hatch after 2-3 months. 8.9-10.2cm (3 1/2-4") when hatched.

Habitat Brushland, rock piles and rat burrows.

Range Rio Grande Valley, Texas to Mexico.

Discussion Diurnal. Very shy. Head for cover upon any sign of danger. Will defend themselves by opening the mouth and arching their backs. Will bite if threatened. Grasshoppers, insects, spiders, small mammals and other reptiles comprise main diet.